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Moving to Github…

In order to save a few bucks on a domain name and a hosting service ( and to show support for one of my favorite web services I’m moving my blog, in earnest, over to Github pages.

It isn’t really about the money, seriously. Mephisto, the framework that BHL sits on is dating, rapidly and I will not use WordPress, or any of the blog hosts like Blogger. I’d used Github pages to host a professional blog for a bit, and that’s now past. It came down to using Github or a simple site at Heroku. Since I’m also a brewing Git fan I figure why no the former. Having the blog hosted was also starting to make me nervous as I wasn’t really sure how it was backed up, if at all. By using Git/Github the archive is naturally built-in.

There’s a few things that are missing from the Jekyll-based environment at Github – which I hope to leech from someone else, or dev myself pretty soon. Tag/category support will be pretty high on the list. We’ll see.

So long Black:Hole:Logic – hello – see you on the other side.

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