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ECA, git-svn, and

I validated today that it is possible to use git-svn with and the standard Subversion client – if you are using an ECA. There probably is a way to trick Git into finding the non-standard SVN client if you’re using a CAC. I could probably help if needed.

Good news. Now I can mirror projects easily between Github and Obviously there’s no real point here, save for simplifying access to some code. Well, I suppose there could be some specific configuration that would require the code to lie in within the firewall – but, then that’s probably up for a bad “smell” award.

There’s a couple of small tips:

This blog post talks about using git-svn – which is a big help.

Also, I found that with a little Subversion configuration on the client side you can eliminate the ECA certificate/password request.

The SVN docs show it in detail, but here’s the skinny:

In your ‘.svn/subversion/servers’ file under the [groups] header ad this line:

forgemil =

Then, create a new section after the [global] section like this:

ssl-client-cert-file = /path/to/your/cert.p12
ssl-client-cert-password = your certificate password

There you go. Then to checkout a repo:

git-svn clone local_dir

Now you’re off and capable of using git locally. Mucho bueno.

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