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The Golden Rule?

I don’t know much about Teradata, just enough to know that there is mindshare. The Golden Rule as defined here is “that motivated people will do whatever it takes to try and be successful”.

I think this will ultimately be my downfall. I think I have it sooo bad that I tend to navigate towards the biggest roadblocks.

But, I think there’s a brewing realization that unintentional “skunkworks” are indeed OK, and should not just be accepted but promoted. In the software engineering world the fear is usually around “cowboycoding”, or the hacking of solutions. Cowboycoding in a team-based environment can be detrimental. Cowboycoding in an individual environment is natural. Why the disconnect? Well, because within the team constraint we aim to high, generally right off the bat. Fortunately, Agile methodologies have done much to dispel the negativities of formal cowboycoding.

So…what if an environment was provided for “skunkworks” to be organized, facilitated, and managed? This article does well to describe the potential.

A huge piece of BCIP is the ability to provide data access, and sensible tools to build modern, and sustainable solutions (in a self-serving skunky sort of way). Don’t preclude innovation, but disabling individuals. Find ways to motivate, and the Golden Rule will be an ally.

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