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ToolBuilder Inside?

Sometimes timing is everything. :) Thanks to Peter for posing this great idea – that We should all be tool makers

If you’re not familiar with the BUG – shame on you.

Obviously Peter’s intent is to create an ecosystem of tool makers, by making available his product, the BUG, Open Source (both the hardware and software). ’’’Cool!‘’’

We agree, that by putting toolmaker’s tools in the hands of individuals, we can create ToolBuilders. Please don’t read too deep into this, but we see a very similar opportunity that was afforded the average computer user by Microsoft Access, Excel and VisualBasic – tool maker’s tools. There’s no doubt that many data/information problems have been solved (and are still being solved) by using these widely available tools.

Who knows, maybe there is a place for the BUG in BCIP. That sure would be cool.

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