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After way too much time spent by me and a PGP support guy I finally came to the conclusion that GoDaddy was mucking with the SMTP side of things – to the point where I couldn’t send an encrypted email. I’m already a tad bit disgusted with GoDaddy’s “Girls Gone Wild” marketing slant. So, this new revelation that there is some inherent need to not allow me to send encrypted emails is a bid awkward. Remember just because you may being using SSL to send mail, it is only SSL’ed/encrypted between you and their relay. (I could be wrong here, and it wouldn’t be the first time – but, I’m just too lazy to find out. Plus I’d like to think there is more to me wanting to leave GoDaddy besides their sleeziness.) The problem is that the PGP Desktop/email proxy wasn’t able to do its thing based on the email configuration. I happen to be on a Mac and using Apple Mail, which at first I was willing to drop the blame on. But, after switching to a new provider the PGP Desktop client configure everything transparently with no issues. It did do a number on my Gmail configuration – disabling TLS there. But, all I had to do was turn it back on, and disable the PGP auto-configure option.

So…if you are hoping you’ll be able to sign and encrypt emails for a domain hosted through GoDaddy – get ready for a battle, or a switch.

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