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There’s obviously a lot of “talk” about what is going to happen, the possibilities, and the effects of recession/depression-like economics (in the near and far terms). Like others I tend to look for the opportunity, or effect I want based on my position (as a father, husband of a military-deployed spouse, and a software engineer).

From a commercial software perspective I really like Matt Asay’s take. Looking back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s it isn’t hard to see how various shifts providing new business models an opportunity to not only exist, but to flourish. It doesn’t take an educated economist to deduce the same potential from the impending “changes” we just voted in.

Eric Spiegel has another perspective, while not direct, fits in nicely, especially if there’s an opportunity to architect, design, and promote systems with Open Source ties.

I suppose we’ll just have to see how things shift around in the next 6 months…and early on in the Obama administration. I definitely believe we can not be scared by Sun’s laying off of 5000, or similar situations. Looking back at the .com bubble bursting – it was a necessary event that reallocated good talent, and sent the weak packing for other, more appropriate, career fields. That said, I definitely won’t be looking at a realtor’s license anytime soon.

So…here’s to OPPORTUNITY and the guts to stand tall and take advantage of the time to improve personally, organizationally, and as a whole.

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