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…that can embed code examples well. Plus, I’m tired of the blackness. I mean is a blackhole really black?

So, I think this one blocks the code well…just need highlighting. Probably need to start with getting to install the ultraviolet gem.

[Update: Solving the problem the other way with this spiffy Textmate bundle]

[Update2: Ok this sucks. I want this:]


Resource holds the main unit of operation for the Data Discovery Service.
* The value is either a URL, or input data to be processed. A resource hasMany
* View(s) objects, which are populated by interpreter bundles.
* @author Kit Plummer
class Resource {
String url
String data

static hasMany = [views:View]

static constraints = {
url(nullable: true, url: true, validator: { val, obj ->
if (obj.url == null && == null) return ['url OR data required.']
data(nullable: true, maxSize:5000, validator: { val, obj ->
if ( == null && obj.url == null) return ['url OR data required.']


String toString() {

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