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At least 80% of the times when I attempt to update Twitter I get the “overloaded” bullshit. Amazing, in today’s “everything-scales” technotopia cloud we can’t get me guaranteed access to a free service. Geez.

I’ve been on and off the Twitterino bandwagon a few times already, and am about to drop off forever. The only thread hanging is that a few peers use twitter as their pseudo-blog. I really wish they wouldn’t – but, unfortunately they are (even with no social network intent).

I recently found Hellotxt via another fairly new playa BrightKite. I’m sure I’m at least a couple of months behind…because Hellotxt already has all the majors lined up and a load of the “what the hell is thats”. About the only one of these cats that is remotely interesting is Facebook. I realize I should prolly care a bit more about LinkedIn – but, I have a job (at least I think I do).

So, if Twitter wins the “dumber” award for not being able to scale (and I don’t want to hear the dumbass Rails argument either), then Hellotxt picks up the dumb one. I actually think Hellotxt is interesting simply because it is stupid that I can’t just blog my own updates…from my site, and load the feed to all these sites. At least Hellotxt is a step towards unification of the belt.

Anyway…kind of a mindless Friday lunch – looking at some of these new fangled things that are supposed to improve my social life.

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