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As part of my ongoing research under the rVooz project I keep coming back to the origin of the name: rendezvous. Given the hype around geo data – see Where2.0 for validation on the “hype” part – I think there’s some good to be taken away even with the “big brother” risk. What about an application the links individuals (who know nothing about eachother a priori) based on their current geo-location, relative to say a square block or something. The outcome could be something like a rideshare opportunity. The link could be made real via TXT/SMS, IM, or even VoIP, assuming the “user” has authorized the connection.

Granted this may not have any meat anywhere but really densely-populated areas…but, maybe it would serve as a survey to find out if ridesharing is even feasible.

Web services such as are doing a very good job of collecting geo data related to training or sport activities…this same data could be used for more of a “social networking” concept too. As GPS devices slim and become a bit more ubiquitous via cellphones and navigation systems I feel the opportunities are ripe for more proactive use. What if you tracked your daily drive to work, including timing and found that there were 10 other people that matched your schedule within 10 minutes. Would you consider ridesharing? What if the link was made for you, by registering you and your data via a new web service?

What if this kind of capability was added to an already existing web service, or social networking website? Or, even as an Open Source desktop application?

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