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So, I’m not one to give praise often…but, sometimes it is just worth it.

I recently went to work on adding the Facebook badge to my Mephisto theme’s layout.liquid…and noticed that Rails was barfing regularly on the “admin” section. So, after a bit of digging I found that had updated to Rails 2.x – which of course Mephisto is imcompatible with. After following the fixes noted on their Wiki I still couldn’t get the “admin” section to dispatch. So…I figured I drop in on a 3-week old thread and post that I was still having the same problem.

To my surprise (and I hope the guy is a staffer) because he checked my database.yml settings and found out that the infamous MySQL socket: config was pointing to the wrong file. He fixed that. But, I continued to have problems so I drop another note on the thread. The same guy checked that the Rails version that I froze to support Mephisto – and it was incorrect, which is strange because I followed the settings from the Wiki. Just magic hosting…and great support.

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