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I’ve got a new ambition: a Tucson software development/engineering symposium. Right now, I’m thinking September or October.

I’ve got some good role model events:

No Fluff Just Stuff and Philly’s Emerging Tech.

So, here’s a few of my thoughts.

  • a single day event
  • run on Saturday
  • start at 8:30
  • sessions end at 3
  • central to town (u of a?)
  • rest of day social/hack sessions
  • 15-18, 30 minutes sessions in two tracks
  • cover “hot” topics (rails/grails, agile, tdd/bdd, open sourcing, ruby/python, robotics)
  • get sponsorship from raytheon, intuit, ventana, arizona center for innovation, ibm, saic, etc.
  • limit attendee seats to 200
  • cost at ~$100
  • all proceeds go to building a computer science/software engineering summer camp for kids.

Any feedback?

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