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So, it is time. Near the end of the last year I decided that we’re done with MX. The bottom line is that it is just not safe, IMHO. I won’t go into the details, but I’m broken – for the rest of my life. Had what happened to me happened to either of my sons they wouldn’t be able to play football, baseball, the drums or whatever it is that they want to do – ever. That’s not something I can live with, and put them on a track or trail. It just isn’t worth it. Yeh, I did my best to keep them safe, and teach them how to be safe. But, the cold reality is that as a rider, you’re never in total control. I know the same holds true for mountain biking, snowboarding, and just about any sport or activity. But, the consequences just aren’t the same and the potential for serious injury is just different in those examples.

So, if you are looking to get in to the sport or just looking to ride in the desert just know the truth. And don’t kid yourself in to believing you can be in control (or thinking you won’t ride over your head). Or worse, that your kid won’t go fast enough to get seriously hurt. And, for the ignorant out there…it isn’t the jumping that is inherently dangerous. It is the speed.

Ok – I’m selling our bikes. ; }

My RM-Z250 is going for $3500. Caiden’s RM65 is going for $1400.

Maybe some day the safety gear will catch up and the sport of MX won’t be filled with so much ignorance. Until then, later.

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