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Brett Stimmerman (I don’t know the guy) has this Ruby abstraction for xmpp4r-simple (which an abstraction for xmpp4r) call Jabber::Bot. Maybe it is just the pure geek in me, but I think this stuff is cool.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'rubygems'
require 'jabber/bot'

# Create a public Jabber::Bot
bot =
  :jabber_id => 'test@blitz.local', 
  :password  => 'test', 
  :master    => 'kplummer@blitz.local',
  :is_public => true

# Give your bot a public command
  :syntax      => 'rand',
  :description => 'Produce a random number from 0 to 10',
  :regex       => /^rand$/,
  :is_public   => true
) { rand(10).to_s }

# Give your bot a private command with an alias
  :syntax      => 'puts <string>',
  :description => 'Write something to $stdout',
  :regex       => /^puts\s+.+$/,
  :is_public  => false,
  :alias       => [ 
      :syntax => 'p <string>', 
      :regex => /^p\s+.+$/
) do |sender, message|
  puts message
  "'#{message}' written to $stdout"

# Give your bot a private command
  :syntax      => 'uname',
  :description => 'Fetch the uname -a command',
  :regex       => /^uname$/,
  :is_public   => false
)   do |sender, message|
   # puts message
    `uname -a`

# Bring your new bot to life

Requires jabber/bot and xmpp4r-simple

Have at it, let your imagination run wild.

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