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Although I think it is good for the company (at least the principles) I don’t believe this good for me (outside of my resume).

I recently left a 75000+ person company, intentionally for a SMB. My holy grail SMB, is now being sucked in to a 135000+ person company. Ugh.

Apart from the clout the ‘accenture’ name brings, which I’m not sure the DoD will give two #@#*s about there is a disturbing affect that big business culture has on small business efficiencies. I can only hope that the strategy is ‘laisez faire’ and the Gestalt unit stays technically in tact. But, we all know it is only a matter of time, before all are assimilated.

So, Accenture – here we come. I am looking forward to it – to meet new people and take advantage of the internal resources (labs) that are available. Wonder what their policy on Macs is? Man, that could be a show-stopper.

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