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Kit Plummer
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Well, I was wondering how long it would take.

From “Myrtie Cason” -

“hiya Kit, you look pretty cool, we should chat sometime or something. im new, i dont really get facebook, but you should check out at the other site i go to, my username’s feistysweetie. just don’t mind my pics lol. umma anyway, hope to talk to you soon!”

It took almost 3 months…but it happened. I actually have to give the Facebook folks credit it only took 2 days for the shite to end up in my Gmail inbox.

But, how hard is it to not allow messages from non-friends to hit my Inbox? The request can be blind, but no effing messages. How hard?

Though this is just a good reminder that there is NO privacy in/on the Internet. Period. Anyone who is convinced otherwise is a fool.

Anyone else remember the days when we used to create goofy user names so we could protect our identities? I gave that up long ago and have used ‘kitplummer’ just about everywhere I can. I suppose this is problematic for a few to understand. But, see the thing is – I’m more worried about the meth users that live in the apartment complex down the street than I am of some whack in Estonia phishing my Facebook Inbox. If I have something to hide – it doesn’t hit my Inbox. Period #2. Public, or even corporate email is as secure as my 8 year-old son.

The sad thing is – that I am probably lax in my vigilance. I would rather look at net-hacks in the same way I view terrorist. You effers are not going to get in my way of living an enjoyable, stress-free life. Now, I can’t say the same thing about my teenager.

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