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Just a relay. But, there’s an interesting new spin that Darryl identifies. Software Engineers who are CS students have found that not only is the curriculum lagging, but so are the professors/instructors/teachers.

This raises another paramount issue: are our academics qualified to teach software engineering?

Stealing this bit from a Bjarne Stroustrup quote:

""There is a gap. It is hard to precisely characterize because there are so many different kinds of jobs," he said. However, “It is important to remember that universities should educate—for a life time of further learning—not train for specific tasks.”

Yet, “That said, many students have no clue about software development and couldn’t program their way out of a paper bag—that’s unnecessary and puts them into a bad situation even if their primary job function is not programming.” "

Begs the question – what is being done? Need to do some investigation.

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