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After reading this blog post on the inherent difficulties within a Haskell project – even something as simple as a generic blogging app, I have even less interest in the language itself.

I suppose I’m being somewhat ignorant, by giving up on it without trudging first. But, the reality is that unless somebody pays (and I hope that doesn’t happen) to learn Haskell – I won’t. There are simply too many other things on the list which could some day be of value.

If there is one thing Open Source has provided in abundance, is options. There’s a lot of garbage stuff out there in all the languages (Java, Python, Ruby, Erlang, etc.). However, there is a lot of great places to start. Haskell’s hobbyist feel just isn’t something that gets me excited. And, as was identified the aforementioned blog there just isn’t a critical mass of experts who are willing to spin up the masses.

Oh well…

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