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Sometimes I feel like I’m in front of the majority with regard to technology and the Internet. But, every once and a while I come across something that makes me feel like I’m still living in ‘99. I recently read a blog somewhere that referenced this music site where you could punch in my favorite band’s name and get a playlist full music that I’d love. So, I clicked the link – but there were some problems with my employer’s firewall preventing my access to the site.

Six months later I saw a news flash about a CBS music site that was supposed to do the same thing. Following the link I end up at []( is the most intelligent thing I’ve seen (as a technophile) for some time. is built on [Audioscrobbler]( which is a incredible database of data and statistics. The information is used to deliver me the best music experience.

Amazing. I’ve found so many bands that I think are amazing – mostly from outside of the U.S. offers a downloadable, stand-alone client to stream music. And, they even have a [MacOS X version]( – select the Apple option.

I won’t bother with all of the details, but will highly recommend if you are at all interested in music, regardless of genre, you need to check out

Enjoy. [CBS]( is.

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