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The rest of the list is scattered, I apologize for that. Maybe, you’ll be able to find something here that you didn’t already know about.

  • [Subversion]( – Source code management has become a very critical part of my development world. Integration of Open Source projects, and managing geographically distributed teams has made code management essential. It has taken a while to really get comfortable with Branch/Tag-based development – but, it is so worth it. There are many UI front-ends for Subversion, but nothing really good for OS X. There are a couple – however, I seem to always fall back to the command-line or just use the Eclipse plugin (which is ok).
  • [Google]( – Nothing really to say about this. I don’t know how I did anything pre-Google.
  • [TextMate]( – The best money I’ve ever spent on an editor. The language support is incredible (including Markdown which I used to write this post). It also has Subversion-support built-in. By far the best text/development editor I’ve ever seen. If you want a test drive check [this creating a weblog screencast]( out.
  • [iTerm]( – This tool is incredible useful. Not that the Apple Terminal is that bad, but it is missing “tab” support. Enter iTerm.
  • [OmniGraffle]( – Diagramming is another part of development that often gets over-looked (ala design). OmniGraffle is an incredible, Visio-compatible, app that is Mac-centric. It is extremely refined – I use it too much, even when words would probably suffice – just because it is so easy.
  • [OmniOutliner]( – OmniGraffle’s sister app. And, they are integrated.
  • [FreeMind]( – An indispensable brain-storming tool.

I’m sure there are others worth noting (like FireFox). Maybe, sometime I’ll come around for Part Two.

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