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After reading some really great writing in a few blogs recently – I’ve been somewhat re-ignited.

The whole concept of blogging is a little lost on me, but hey I work in the dungeons of a very large federal contractor. The concept of knowledge-sharing is foreign. Considering the intelligence of our premier customer it is no wonder why we repeat the reinvention of every engineering feat known to man. However, it will never change unless we stand up at the bottom…

This is probably my third attempt at getting a blog site set up. I know I should probably just use one of the shrink-wrapped sites (BlogSpot), but, I like having control over everything – as painful as it has been. I bought this stupid domain name about a year ago and have wanted to stand something up to ‘represent’. I’ve had some good content, including a screen capture of creating a JBI component or two for deploying against
Apache ServiceMix.

Anyway, here we go again. Maybe this one will last a bit longer than my previous hosting provider.

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